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EHD 1999 - Vernacular architecture

National theme: “Vernacular architecture”
18 - 19 September 1999

In the European Heritage Days 1999 participated many municipalities and city-halls, famous with their rich vernacular architecture (Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Kustendil, Smolyan, Slivengrad and their surrounding settlements-preserves, Bozentci, Dryanovo, Nessebar, Kalofer, Svilengrad and others), the Union of the country-experts in Bulgaria, Society “The Old Plovdiv”, museums, local foundations and organisations, sponsorship-companies, architecture students and others also participated.

The European Heritage Days were officially opened in the Old Plovdiv on 18-th of September in 11:00 in the house “Nedkovitch” - Residence of the International scientific committee of ICOMOS on Vernacular architecture.

Simultaneously in all the historic settlements the Days started with local programs, including interesting and various activities:

  • Thematic exhibitions - exhibition of the graphic materials after the work out of BNC of ICOMOS “National cultural routes”, the installation “Euro-cobblestone” (with original cobblestones from different European towns) and the photo-exhibition “the Old Plovdiv” (Plovdiv); “The architecture building traditions of the county of Dryanovo” (Dryanovo); “Paintings and engravings from carried out in Bozentci children meetings 1986-1999”, “Bozentci clans and their family houses” and “Retrospection of the hold in Bozentci photo-meetings” (Bozentci); Ethnographic materials from the town of Kalofer (Kalofer); “The vernacular architecture and the paintings of the Kustendil artists” and “Architecture projects, reconstruction and original materials from monuments of the vernacular architecture from the neighbourhood of Kustendil” (Kustendil); “The Renaissance architecture in the Rodopa mountains” (Smolyan); photo-exhibition “Monuments of the national architecture in Tryavna (Tryavna); “Retro-photo” (Gabrovo); “The monuments of the culture in the neighbourhood of Svilengrad” (Svilengrad) - to be presented afterwards in Greece.
  • Happenings that actively engage young people or address them - European meeting of the architecture students, on the theme “The vernacular architecture - impacts” (Nessebar); setting of programs for specific work with the children and students, dedicated to the problems of the cultural heritage (Sliven); discussions involving the Euro-association of the students about the problems of the church building and architecture in the Middle Rodopi (Smolyan); students theatre play and competition for children painting about the theme “Kalofer in the past and nowadays” (Kalofer); Children meeting on encaustics (Bozentci); with many read lectures and talks about the problems of the heritage planned.
  • Organised cultural routes to the monuments of the culture and sites within the surroundings of the municipalities like Smolyan and Sliven.
  • Tours with guides of preserves of the monuments of the vernacular architecture and free of charge visits of some houses - monuments of the culture in all of the settlements.
  • Inauguration for the public of restored sites - for example the church “St. George” in the Kolousha quarter (in Kustendil); presenting of the process of preserving - for example in the “Danchov’s house” (Plovdiv).
  • Media campaigns in the national and local media and press conferences, dedicated to the European Heritage Days and the vernacular architecture.

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